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  • Welcome!

    We delight in you finding us here! In the Miracle School we study "A Course in Miracles" (Original Edition) and it´s mind training gives us inner peace.

    You will find more information about "A Course in Miracles" if you click on the index tab "Course" above. You can access a free sample of the first 50 Lessons of the Workbook of the Course when you join our email-list. Besides that, we list local Course-Groups and our next seminars. May you be happy and awaken!

  • Our Focus is on Relationships

    The Course helps people to find lasting happiness in our relationship with ourself, others and God. It leads us to deep peace and egoless love, which allows for truly happy relationships.

    For this to come about you needn´t go through years of therapy - only the willingness to let the past be over and gone and to know yourself again as you are deep within: loving and lovable, innocent, free and amazing!

  • We Are in This Together.

    Among the practical elements of our work in seminars are constellation work and group exercises which open up a space of forgiveness and deep encounters beyond words.

    You can show up in the Miracle School just as you are. Healing happens as a natural result of reconnection and unconditional love. There is nothing that cannot be healed.

  • Manuela and Rainer Tornow

    We´re the founders of the Miracle School. This spiritual path we walk with many others worldwide truly makes us happy. The Course brings us back to our real identity, to freedom and purpose in life.

    Our shop provides books and CDs which will help you grasp the teachings of ACIM. Ous yearlong program "Mindset of Salvation" is focussed on applying the wisdom to everyday life. You find all available mentors if you click on the "People" tab. Bless you!

Finding Inner Peace

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Everything is possible

You can be, do and have everything you want. Only you can deny yourself anything. Your thoughts create your experience. You can learn how to create a wonderful and fulfilling life!
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Relationships can turn life into hell or lift us all the way into heaven. Have you ever ask yourself what the fundamentals of a good relationship are? Or how you can get along better with your family or colleagues?
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