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The Course

A Course in Miracles

The Course is a complete path of salvation. It is comparable with other paths of salvation, such as Buddhism, Advaita or the Yoga teachings of the East, which also focus on salvation from suffering and the illusion of this world. But at the same time it differs from these traditions or other traditional paths of salvation. Course students for example do not have to follow physical and breathing exercises, as well as extended meditations that are practiced in Yoga in order to become free. The path the Course offers is an exciting and varied adventure and focusses on saving a maximum amount of time.

The Course is a mystic path which means, it is one that cannot be learned by heart or by reading, but can only be experienced. It is not a method or a technique, no short- lived esoteric idea. Although we like to tell our workshop participants that the Course is an update on the Bible, as it uses Christian expressions, it does not really have much to do with institutionalized Christianity. The Course wants you to get in touch with your true Self and God and also supports you to deepen this experience more and more. To follow a mystic path means, to have the most wonderful adventure as you dive deep down into your inner center and come in touch with the vast ocean of possibilities or with the Holy Spirit inside of you.

The Course consists of approximately 1300 pages and is divided up into three parts: the Text, The Workbook for Students, and the Manual for Teachers. The daily exercises of the Workbook will lead you out of your self- created suffering towards inner peace and joy. The Manual for Teachers supports everybody who wants to share the wisdom of the Course and its miracles with others.

It is best to experience the Course in one of the workshops or existing Course groups that take place regularly. The group can be very helpful for you to understand the Course better and to integrate its teachings into your daily life. To have like- minded people around can help to master difficult times, during which the ego is in resistance. In case you want to find out where Course groups take place regularily in the German speaking countries , then click here:


    • Leider unvollständig.
      gibt es einen Link zu einem kompletten Kursbuch als eBook?
      In dem oben genannten fehlen in der aktuellen Dritten Wiederholung die Lektionen 111 bis 113.
      Sehr schön leserlich aufgebaut finde ich diese ACIM-Seiten, dann aber immer online zu lesen.
      Viel Erfolg in Licht und Liebe

  1. Es stimmt nicht, dass man den Kurs am besten in einem Seminar oder in einer Gruppe lernt.
    Das kann für einige zutreffen, für andere (wie Autodidakten oder Menschen ohne Zugang zu Seminaren oder Gruppen) eben nicht.
    Der Vorteil bei einer Gruppe ist, dass sie einem hilft, dabeizubleiben.
    Aber solche Gruppen sowie eine Vielzahl von erläuternden Kommentaren, Maillisten usw. usw. gibt es auch im Internet, völlig kostenlos – vor allem in englischer Sprache!
    Da heißt der Kurs in Wundern “A Course in Miracles” und wird mit “ACIM” abgekürzt.

    • Danke für deine Hinweise Silke. Unsere Brüder und Schwestern sind wichtig auf dem Weg. Sie tragen aus unterschiedlichen Gründen wesentlich zu unserer Heilung bei. Sie sind uns Stütze und Herausforderung :))
      Segen, Manuela

  2. Hallo,

    ich haette Interesse am Kurs und wollte frage wie ich an das Buch kommen kann.

    Viele Gruesse,

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