The following guided meditations or exercises from our course “Basic Lessons of ACIM” are a little bit more advanced, but are a great help when trying to change your mind about old decisions, finding your gifts, function and greatness. Enjoy them for free. And feel free to share them, too (just right click and press on whatever platform they should go)!

Blessings, Manuela

No.5.1: Changing Your Mind: Helps you to let go of old patterns. (13 min.)

No.5.2: I Must Have Made a Wrong Decision: The Holy Spirit will undo all of our wrong decisions, if we let Him. Sometimes an old decision is stopping us from going forward. (13 min.)

No.5.3: Let me Bless You: Walk through your day blessing others. And you will find that you are a blessing to yourself. (14.30 min.)

No.6.1: Finding a Lost Gift: Claiming back a lost gift in your mind out of your past. (19 min.)

No. 6.2: My True Magnitude: Start experiencing your limitless Self. (15.30 min.)

No.7.1: Always My Problem: A great exercise when you are upset. Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? (17 min.)

No.7.2: My Saviour: This is the essential shift required to truly forgive. The one you blame could actually be your Saviour. (18 min.)

No.8.1: Choose a Miracle: You are entitled to miracles. Rewind a situation and actually see what the miracle changes! You never have to solve problems on your own. (15.30 min.)

No.8.2: Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness: By forgiving you are opening the gates of your ego-prison and freeing yourself and others. (16 min.)

No.9.1: The World That I Want: When you feel like a victim of outer events, this is a great reminder. (14 min.)

No.9.2: My Function in Gods Plan: This meditation is a great reminder and encourager, if you feel worthless or seem to be without a function… (16 min.)