Guided meditation takes you into state of relaxed concentration. Your guide (our English speaker is Rainer Tornow) will instruct you to relax using your breathing and will then lead you through a specific way of dealing with mental images in your mind. for instance you might look at past memories in a forgiving way or think of someones blessings in your life. Our guided meditations are generally 10 – 20 minutes long. Their purpose is to facilitate mental, emotional and physical healing and as well as stress relief.


Many spiritual paths incorporate some sort of meditation practice. So does ACIM. The Workbook is actually contains many guided meditations, but reading them from a book and then following the instructions can sometimes be difficult  for someone used to letting the mind wander. Our society is a hurried and goal-oriented one, so taking time to simply be in the moment and clearing the mind initially isn’t that easy. In our recorded and guided meditations you can  simply follow the voice and instructions of the guide, which prevents other intruding thoughts from distracting you from the subject you are working on.


Our guided mediations are very diverse, but there are common characteristics in almost all recordings. Firstly, the guide will help you relax by deepening your breathing while you are listening to relaxing music. Then you may be asked to visualise a specific person oder situation. From there you  are taken into a healing process. At the end of the meditation you are either left to finish the process in your own time or slowly guided to bring your attention back into the room.

Guided Meditations – Part 1 (Love and connection)

Guided Meditations Part 1

Guided meditations – Part 2 (Changing your mind)


Guided Meditations Part 2