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Workshops and Training

A summary of what we do

The Miracle School trains people to be workshop leaders or Course teachers. Our “training” is a great unlearning, as we focus on letting go of everything that keeps us from expressing our true potential as healers and teachers. The Holy Spirit, in which our true Self lies as well, is the only healer there is. Healing occurs, as soon as we allow His spirit, His intelligence and His healing power to flow through us and we follow His guidance. We are not asked to “repair” our ego, but to remind people of who they really are. We help to peel off layers of our ego (which is our illusion of who we are), just like the layers of an onion, until our natural light (our true Self) shines through again. Whenever we act out of this state of authentic Self, we will be helpful and healing in the most natural and powerful way.

Every day we dedicate time to atonement and forgiveness, as well as the study of “A Course in Miracles” and the practice of the daily exercises of the Workbook. A Course teacher shares experienced forgiveness and atonement both in theory and practice. As a leader of a “Circle of Atonement” or a Course group you help others to change their perception of themselves and the world in order to become a source of peace and safety. Instead of being part of the problem you will become part of the solution (in case you want to find an existing Course group nearby, please check the website “”)

We also offer coachings for individuals and couples in order to support students of the Course to use and experience the principles of “A Course in Miracles”. To the extend to which we all are willing to receive the answers that others need, we grow. And many people around the world need miracles nowadays.

What are miracles?

Miracles happen, if there is willingness to accept a different perspective.

Miracles correct false thinking.

Miracles restore love and light in places that seem loveless and dark.

Miracles lessen the time needed for healing. Healing is mainly required for our mind.

Miracles replace fear and hatred by love and connection.

Miracles equally bless the giver and the receiver.

Miracles are natural- each day should be devoted to miracles.

Our workshops are part of the “Great Unlearning” but also events that anybody who wants to receive miracles, can join. Each workshop is unique and different, as it is mainly influenced by the participants. Reoccuring elements of the workshops are constellations, quiet time, group exercises and teachings from “A Course in Miracles”. In some workshops we also play music, do therapeutic work, lead affinity groups (according to Paul Ferrini), pray, gather in healing circles, etc.

Everything is possible- come as you are and expect a miracle!


  1. Liebe Brüder und Schwestern,
    gerne würde ich Menschen kennenlernen, die ein Kurs in Wundern leben.
    Herzliche Grüße
    Martina Hinrichs

    • Halle liebe Martina,
      du erreichst uns per Mail unter Gruppen findest du unter “Der Kurs” und dort unter Kursgruppen – aber bitte erst anrufen, ob die Infos und angegebenen Termine auch noch aktuell sind. Gerne sind wir dir auf deiner Suche behilflich 🙂
      Segen, Manuela