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Everything is possible

Your function here is to create a happy dream. The happiest dream you can imagine! And of course everything starts with you choosing happiness.
Often people think they should be objective and look “reality” into the face. But there is no such thing as an “objective reality”. Only subjective experience exists, which is filtered by your predominant emotional vibration, your thoughts and your selective perception. Miracles remove these filters by helping us to raise our emotional vibration, think more loving thoughts and to focus our perception on what we want to see and experience.

In truth we are all swimming in an ocean of love, joy and possibilities. Resistance, unbelief and negative thoughts are what prevent us from perceiving all the good which surrounds us. When your emotional vibration is low, i.e. when you feel sad, hopeless or fearful, life becomes tough, hard and uncomfortable. When your emotional vibration rises, you gain access to all the existing energy and possibilities via your joy.

Whatever your emotional vibration might be, you never cease to be creative. Sad thoughts create sad experiences, fearful thought fearful and happy thoughts happy experiences. If you aren´t happy, it is not necessary to find out why you aren´t happy. It´s only necessary to make better choices now. Your past is over. Come into the present moment and let miracles shine the darkness away! Light is the only reality. You can deny the light, but you cannot extinguish it. It patiently awaits your return.

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