Since 2004 my wife and I have been providing different kinds practical lessons, experiences and meditations in order to help ACIM students to integrate the key points of the Course.

For the first time now we we are giving away some of our guided meditations from our course

“Basic Lessons of A Course in Miracles”

 for free!

You can pick any meditation any time you need some support on your path. The following lessons are centered around the experience of love and connection. Let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit as to which one to try first 😉

Rainer Tornow – Your Guide


No.1.1: Finding the Source of Love: Dive into the Source of Love and let yourself be saturated by it (18 min.)

No.1.2: Healing Projections: Projections keep us apart. So in order to feel more connected, this is a great exercise! (19 min.)

No.2.1: Answering Calls for Help: Helping others /out true Self) is an essential attitude and leads to joy. (19.30 min.)

No.2.2: Centering Exercise: Centering yourself is a key to dissolving old and present time conflicts. This is a game changer! (17.30 min.)

No.3.1: Holy Instant and Transparency: The Holy Spirit wants to help us with everything that is blocking our love, if only we open up to him… (12 min.)

No.3.2: My Partner in the Holy Instant: Sometime we lose sight of who our partners and friends really are. This guided meditation is a great reminder. (16 min.)

No.4.1: God is With Me: God is with us through the whole day. This is a great shift of awareness, when you feel lost or alone. (20 min.)

No.4.2: Concentrate on Love: Exercise for changing your focus from fear to love – essential! (21.30 min.)

No.4.3: Completing Communication: When communication breaks down or is disturbed, we suffer. This will help you out. (14 min.)