A mentoring program offers you support during your learning. You will receive documents and possibly exercises that you will study for yourself. At regular intervals, however, you also have contact with your mentor by phone or video call so that you can clarify questions and get support in your process. You can find our teachers and mentors on the team page.

There are currently two mentoring programs:

Paths to Divine Abundance
The program “Paths to Divine Abundance” or shortly “Abundance Program” invites you to become aware of your existing inner wealth so that it can manifest itself.
Because of feelings of lack, we always only create further shortages. We then “do” something in the world or “search” spasmodically for solutions or affirm ideas that we don’t really believe in. One of the solutions is to remove the blockages that we have placed between ourselves and our inner guidance. It is also necessary to recognize the structures that keep reactivating your ego (the defective idea of ​​ourselves). You are not what you think you are, otherwise you could only shine with self-love and would only see perfection around you.
You can order the full range directly from us in the SHOP.

Psychologie der Erlösung (PdE)/Psychology of Redemption
The annual program “Psychology of Redemption” (PdE) serves your personal development and the study of the course. It is intended for people who feel called by the course, but who have difficulty working through it on their own. The course is actually not intended for everyone to read as a self-study. Some people learn more easily in exchange. Therefore, the PdE program is particularly suitable for course students who want to integrate the course even more into their everyday life and who also want to be accompanied.
Salvation can be experienced in every monthly lesson through the many life-like exercises and tasks. A mentor from the miracle school accompanies you through the annual program. You can find the currently available mentors on our team page. Pick someone your heart says yes to. You are also welcome to call your favorite mentors before making your selection.
What the program includes: Every month you get about 20-25 pages of documents with reading tasks and exercises that you apply to your everyday life. In addition, you will receive a CD/MP3 with guided meditations and pretty self-adhesive cards that will help you to better internalize key thoughts on the current monthly topic. They fit wonderfully on the computer screen or on the bathroom mirror. In addition, you make phone calls to your mentor 2-3 times a month and discuss with him or her your questions and your experience with the course. The mentors are long-time course students who will speed up and facilitate your learning. You have practically booked your own competent and understanding course coach for a whole year!
If you want to pay PdE all at once, you get twelve monthly lessons for the price of eleven. The monthly installment price is only € 99 a month! Please feel free to ask about more detailed informations…