Miracle Shop Terms and Conditions
General terms and conditions for seminars, training and orders of all kinds: A word in advance … In principle, we always strive to bring about a win-win situation in the event of disagreement in which all parties feel treated fairly. We believe in the good in people, in the power of truth and in the solution to all problems. However, the legislature stipulates that we also have to have terms and conditions. We are hereby following:

All deliveries and services are made on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions between the Wunderschule and its customers. Deviating from our terms and conditions shall only apply if they have been confirmed by us in writing. Trainings, workshops or seminars are referred to below as seminars. Seminar organizers are appointed by the Miracle School, self-employed and self-responsible entrepreneurs. For all mutual claims arising out of and in connection with a contract between the customer and the Miracle School, the GTC in their version valid at the time of the respective conclusion of the contract shall always apply.

The basis of each seminar is the respective seminar description. It contains specific information about each of the seminars offered by the Miracle School and includes information about the organization, price, content, seminar times and venue. The respective description is an integral part of these terms and conditions. If individual details of the seminar description contradict those of the general terms and conditions, the details of the seminar description are decisive. Food, travel and accommodation costs are generally not included unless explicitly stated.

Those who are at least 18 years old at the time of registration  or who are accompanied by at least one parent or guardian can take part. At the request of the Miracle School, the applicant has to provide proof of age in case of doubt by presenting an ID. The prerequisite for participation in seminars is a good knowledge of the German language or the respective national language, where the seminar takes place. The maximum number of participants can be limited. The registration takes place either by email, fax or by telephone to the host / organizer. The registration is binding and takes place in the order of receipt. It will be confirmed by the organizer (email or personal contact), but can also be refused without giving reasons. The applicant agrees to the storage of his data under consideration of the Federal Data Protection Act and by his application explicitly allows him to be contacted in writing or by telephone by the Miracle School and / or the seminar organizers until the time of the seminar or beyond.

The amount of the seminar fees as well as the underlying services can be found in the seminar description belonging to the respective seminar. With the confirmation of registration by the Miracle School or the seminar organization (host) the participant has to pay the total amount of the organization fee (per person). This must be done at the latest BEFORE the start of the seminar. The organization fee will not be refunded.

1.) The Miracle School can at any time cancel a seminar for important reason (too few participants, illness or prevention of a seminar leader, etc.), or
2.) exclude individual participants from participation in the seminar even after confirmation of registration without stating reasons. In these two cases, the participant will be refunded in full the organization fees already paid. Further claims, in particular costs for already booked rooms, travel expenses, loss of earnings etc. can not be asserted.

Resignation from the seminar is possible at any time without giving reasons. Upon resignation or non-appearance, however, the right to repayment of the organization fees expires. However, a substitute participant can be provided. Cancellations must be made in writing or electronically. Substitute participants, who meet the requirements for participation in the seminar, can be named without obligation for the Miracle School.

Photos, video recordings or sound recordings are not permitted within the seminar rooms for participants. Through the Miracle School (the seminar leader), however, sound, picture and video recordings can be made during the event, which can also be released after personal consultation with the participants concerned. Suitable recordings can subsequently be made available to individual participants for a fee for personal and private use.

Participants are prohibited from any commercial activities during the seminar, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Miracle School. Each participant recognizes the domiciliary rights of the Miracle School in the seminar rooms. Mobile phones must be switched off in the seminar rooms. If a participant disturbs a seminar by his appearance or behavior, or if a participant repeatedly fails to follow the instructions of the seminar leader necessary for a smooth process of the seminar, he can be excluded from the seminar. The seminar fee has to be paid in full in this case.

The Miracle School and those acting on behalf of the Miracle School are to be indemnified and indemnified against any claims that may be derived from participation in the seminar or from the use of information given there. Regarding material (free downloads, MP3s, books, CDs, etc.) is a liability on the part of the Miracle School for damages that do not affect the goods themselves, as well as for lost profit or other financial loss of the customer excluded.

All customer data we treat strictly confidential and only in the sense of the data protection law. Deliveries are made only to persons of legal age. We always strive to ship your order as quickly as possible (usually within 2-4 business days) and keep our offer up-to-date. For some items, there may occasionally be delivery bottlenecks, which we may inform you about immediately. Compensation instead of performance, you can only demand if we acted willfully or grossly negligent and you have previously asked us under appropriate deadline for performance. Delivery will be made by Deutsche Post, unless otherwise stated. We deliver only in advance (direct debit, credit card, pre-transfer), as noted in the shop of the Miracle School accordingly.

By placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions and declare your agreement that we store the data received on the order form, process and use in the context of customer relationship. We would like to conclude a contract with you under German law. The validity of UN sales law is excluded. Finally, we would like to point out that, should individual provisions of these terms and conditions or the contract concluded with you be wholly or partially ineffective, the validity of the rest of the contract is not affected.