If studying alone is simply not “your thing” and you need help with your topics, then coaching by trained and experienced course instructors is the right thing for you.
Coaching based on “A Course in Miracles” can include many things: forgiveness, tracking down and withdrawing projections, transformational work on the spiritual level, releasing external energies, restoring wholeness and completeness, deeply remembering, prayer, therapeutic help with relationship issues and much more. The cooperation between coach and client always follows according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes it is hard to believe how much time can be saved through coaching! What otherwise would take months or even years to be “healed” using conventional psychological methods, happens much faster and more effectively with miracles. The essence of the miracle is always a change in your point of view, because as you perceive/(or better) interpret something, so will you feel and ultimately react to a situation.

Coaching is offered by:
Manuela Tornow, Andrea Hanheide and Trude Betz