Miracle School Workshops

Our teachers deliver workshops and retreats. These two to seven day gatherings are times of intensive transformation. You let go of many. You leave a lot of perspectives behind that no longer serve you and gain access to completely new levels of perception and communication. Separation disappears, joy returns and you let go of your past ;-)) Instead of repeating old patterns, you express more love, laugh more often and allow yourself be who you truly are.
Our workshops aims at bringing you back in touch with the reality behind all phenomena. We allow for guidance in everything we do, so the result is really what is best for everyone involved right now. We follow our inner teacher, the Holy Spirit, or the Voice for God in us, who knows each and every one of us inside out and knows exactly how to solve the problems we believe we have. There are no “standard solutions”–only individual miracles for everyone.

What you can expect:

What happens time after time is what we call “orchestration”. Nothing and nobody is meaningless, there is no such thing as a random encounter. Everything happens exactly in the best way to generate healing. The facilitator or teacher simply gives form to the miracles that are already awaiting us all. Miracles can happen as things are said, sometimes they occur during meditations and silence. The encounters between participants are as meaningful though. If you listen carefully, you will get the answers to all your problems or questions from them, because the Holy Spirit uses each one of us for the healing of everyone. Therefore: Just come as you are and expect miracles!
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