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Finding Inner Peace

You cannot overestimate inner peace. Actually inner peace is equivalent with mental health. Having permanent chatter in your mind, unexpressed complaining or judgements is very strenuous: mentally, emotionally and physically and shows up as problems in our life. There are no neutral thoughts. All thoughts create form on some level. But do you really want live in the world you create with your thoughts when you are worried, in despair or even angry? Probably not – but you do!

Fighting your thoughts is not helpful. It is far more helpful to concentrate on the outcome you´d love to experience. In order to do that you need a certain mental discipline which many people do not have as yet. First it is necessary to wake up to your thought production. Second you need to accept that you do have the power to choose different thoughts and are able to stop giving attention to the unwanted ones. The question arises: what thoughts would actually truly create happiness and freedom in my life?

The Course in Miracles offers us the happy thoughts and the guidance we need to turn our life around. Its 365 daily lessons gently lead us out of our ego into a completely different thought system based on love and freedom. It offers a complete mind-training designed to help us leave our fears, pain, attacks and problems behind.

And it teaches us forgiveness in a whole new manner. It´s amazing what can be healed by true forgiveness! Forgiveness frees us from being reproachful, from old traumas, returning disappointments, fears, grievances and physical symptoms. Forgiveness is neither the classical “no hard feelings” (which does not really change anything) nor a generous forgetting of a “real” abuse. Forgiveness is a new way of seeing, a change in our point of view, by which we can understand that whatever happened happened differently and for another reason. Forgiveness dissolves the perception of our ego in a way that there was and is no obvious victimizer or a clear victim but learning, understanding, growth and deliverance.

“The one who forgives can feel the compassion, goodness, tenderness and care which is always dwelling in our heart, no matter how the world seems to be right now. Forgiving is the road to inner peace and happiness, the way to our soul and of our soul. This place of peace is always open to us and we are welcomed at any given moment.” – Gerry Jampolsky

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